Wednesday 16 August 2017

Planning A Gadget-Free Holiday With Your Children

Parents often find it difficult to draw their children away from the lure of their gadgets. Be it their laptops, phones, tablets or I-pods, kids seldom set down their gadgets to focus on outdoor activities and everything around them. This is precisely why camping in the woods and getting back to nature is exactly what your children need on a holiday.

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• The importance of fresh air and exercise

Studies show that the average teenager spends more time indoors today than ever before. With the stress of high school and the subsequent anxiety of getting into college; children need to let go and take in a lung-full of fresh forest air.

• The delight of a camping adventure

Taking a long hike in a wooded trail, listening to birds chirping in the heart of the woods and camping under the stars can rejuvenate your kids completely. The availability of pet friendly accommodation NSW only adds to the appeal of these charming sojourns.

• Mind and body benefits

A weekend of trekking, river rafting or even a peaceful stay in a forest resort can do wonders for your entire family. Reports indicate that children return from these holidays with an enthusiastic approach and a greater attention span.  Do peruse through family friendly accommodation reviews so you can pick out the best sojourn experience for your clan.

Such a forest getaway is certainly a fine way to relax, while offering your children an enchanting new experience of camping around Mother Nature.