Tuesday 8 October 2019

Etiquette Tips For Travelling With Your Pet

When you are planning a family holiday, deciding where to house your pet can be challenging. There are several choices available that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Some popular options include a holiday boarding or pet stay, allowing someone to stay at your home to “petsit” and take care of their needs, or you may consider bringing your pet on holiday with you.

All of these choices have pros and cons, so before you make a final decision, weigh out carefully what is best for your family and your family pet.

Many pet owners avoid taking their pets on a family holiday, as they are unsure about pet-friendly accommodation Newcastle. Finding a pet-friendly accommodation NSW can be a challenging task as not every hotel allows entry of pets.

Choosing the most suitable pet friendly accommodation can be extremely stressful so much many pet owners have reluctantly cancel their holiday plans altogether. There have been many times, when you as a pet owner haven’t enjoyed your holiday because of the constant anxiety about the well-being of your pet, back at home.

All of these can be avoided if you carry your pet along with you whilst you travel. As complex and chaotic as it may sound, it is quite possible if you prepare and train your pets to be good travelers.

Listed below are some of the travel etiquette tips recommended for you and for your pet.
·         Make sure that you book a pet-friendly accommodation in Australia in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of check-in. Reading the accommodation pet policies is highly recommended to determine if the accommodation is suitable.

·         Pay particular attention to any additional pet fees or deposits for guests with pets.

·         Train your pet well so that the pet doesn’t jump on other people. This can frighten children and disrupt other people's privacy. 

·         Carry plenty of toys to entertain your pet so he doesn't chew on the furniture or other items belonging to the hotel.
·         Make your pet walk around the areas that are designated specifically for that. Pick up after him and responsibly dispose of any waste.
·         Avoid leaving your pet alone in the room for long periods of time. If you do so, always consider hiring a pet sitter so that your pet doesn’t feel alone in the room.
These above-stated points are some of the necessary travel etiquette tips recommended for a stress-free pet-friendly family holiday.