Thursday 11 July 2019

Questions to ask before booking pet-friendly accommodation

If you are a pet owner, your attachment with your cute furry friend can make leaving them behind too stressful. All the stress and anxiety can all be avoided by booking and staying at a pet-friendly accommodation NSW. The types of accommodation options have become increasingly popular which can make booking a pet-friendly accommodation NSW a daunting task. 

Choosing the right pet-friendly hotel to suit your specific family needs takes time and effort.   
Once you decide on your proffered destination, it is best to ensure the accommodation is right for your pet to avoid disappointment later on. You must be aware of the rules, considerations and extra amenities before booking a pet-friendly accommodation Newcastle so that you can make a decision accordingly. It is recommended to ask simple and straightforward questions to the hotel staff, who will be happy to assist you and your requirements.

 Does the hotel still, accept pet?
Sometimes hotel pet policies change, so it is always a good idea to cross-check that the property you are considering still accommodates pets prior to making your booking. In addition, sometimes you will find that pet-friendly does not relate to all types of pets, breeds, sizes, and age so it is imperative you cross the suitability prior to check in. Last but not least, you must check if you are required to bring proof of your pet’s vaccinations at check-in.

 How many pets are allowed per room?
When you are traveling with more than one pet, it is always important to ask how many pets will be allowed to stay per room. From one pet per room to no limitations at all; the number of pet allowed to join your stay is different in each hotel.

 Are there any breed restrictions?

Do make sure whether the property accommodated all breeds as this will determine if your chosen accommodation type is suitable.

 What amenities does the hotel offer?

Before booking any accommodation, you must check what amenities are available. Some hotels provide treats at check-in, pet beds, pet-friendly restaurants and pet sitting arrangements.
Asking these questions before you book a hotel will ensure that there are no shocks at check in ensuring more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your pet-friendly holiday.